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Schools of Sanctuary

In March it was announced that all schools would be closing because of COVID 19. As we write, there are millions of children across Ireland and beyond doing their classes, preparing for exams, and contacting their teachers online. But refugees and children from other marginalised groups will find a way through this time of fear and isolation with more confidence because of the growing Schools of Sanctuary programme.

There are over 40 Schools of Sanctuary in Northern Ireland, where the programme is embedded into the life of the Education Authority and is gaining strength every year. There are also new Schools of Sanctuary springing up in several counties south of the border – Monaghan, Waterford, Dublin, Wexford, Galway, Cork and Laois, with others joining all the time. This programme, like so much else, is on pause just now, but we believe the momentum will pick up again and will help to reignite our sense of connectedness once the crisis passes.

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