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Great achievement at Mount Sion C.B.S Secondary School in Waterford City: 

An important participatory workshop has taken place on 29th of January 2020 at the Mount Sion C.B.S Secondary School in Waterford City. The purpose of the workshop was to increase awareness of students and their teachers around Migration and  International Protection with focus on facts and knowing sanctuary seekers. Mount Sion C.B.S Secondary School in Waterford City has already signed the pledge to becoming a School of Sanctuary. This workshop was designed to be extremely participatory, encouraging students and their teachers to explore more information and learning  around migration and international protection in the Republic of Ireland. Additionally during the three separate workshops for different age groups, daily issues and challenges that asylum seekers and other sanctuary seekers go through were discussed.

Well done to Mount Sion C.B.S Secondary School for taking so many innovative and interesting initiatives to strongly support the move in making their Mount Sion C.B.S Secondary School, a School of Sanctuary, although this school has been a Place of Welcome and Safety for all students, migrants, communities and others since it has been established, becoming a School of Sanctuary  formalizes this and makes the school  stronger in different ways, learn more, further embed sanctuary and share learning with other schools, communities and others.  Mount Sion CBS School has been doing everything they can for last three years to strengthen inclusion, diversity, intercultural activities and celebrating differences in the school, some of these great achievements are visible on their school’s wall.

The workshop audience groups were mainly students aged 13-16 along with some of their teachers. The students and teachers were highly motivated and participated in the brainstorming sessions and they  were very curious and passionate about learning  more in relation to migration, asylum seeking, refugees  and particularly  about “Sanctuary Seekers” in Ireland and  in their own school environment which is a great sign of commitment and willingness to learn, embed and share by becoming a School of Sanctuary.

Participatory workshop on Migration and International Protection in Ireland at the Mount Sion C.B.S. Secondary School in Waterford City on 29th Jan 2020

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