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Tiffy Allen -- Coordinator

Tiffy Allen is the National Coordinator for Ireland. She worked as Network Coordinator for the UK for seven years and supported many local groups and streams to get started as well as helping to promote and shape the network, which now has over 100 groups. Tiffy has worked in the refugee sector since 2000, during which time she has founded several successful charities. She previously spent 20 years as a development worker and language teacher in Tanzania and Kenya. Tiffy lives in County Wexford with her husband Brian, and has two sons and one grandson.

Homayoon Shirzad - Assistant Coordinator

Homayoon was involved with Places of Sanctuary as a volunteer since his arrival in Ireland in late 2016. In 2017 he was one of a team that presented the Sanctuary in Politics Manifesto to the Minister of Integration in the Oireachtas. Homayoon brings huge experience to his role, including personal experience of seeking International Protection and  bringing his family to join him. A native of Afghanistan, Homayoon is now living in Waterford and his special responsibilities include working with the Schools of Sanctuary team and network,  teaching on the Sanctuary Ambassadors Training courses and website design.

Rania Elamin - Volunteer

Rania began volunteering with Places of Sanctuary since she arrived in Ireland. Rania, originally from Sudan, she is an experienced computer teacher and brings web design and communication skills to the team. She is one of the Wexford Ambassadors who presented their manifesto to political leaders , and has been involved with speaking in several new Schools of Sanctuary.  Rania has also had a major role in designing the new schools and ambassadors websites.

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