What is Places of Sanctuary Ireland?

Places of Sanctuary Ireland is a network of groups in cities, towns and local communities whose primary aim is to create a culture of welcome and safety for refugees, asylum-seekers and other immigrants, many of whom are seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. It creates opportunities for Irish people to meet these newcomers to our country, to hear their stories and to help them find a new home here among us.

In Ireland there are local City of Sanctuary initiatives in Dublin, Belfast and several other cities and towns from north to south. We also have Places of Sanctuary in schools, universities, sports clubs, churches, arts groups, businesses and other community groups.The basic sanctuary message can fit to any community, any group and any activity; all that is required is an agreement that we want to make our activities welcoming and inclusive for refugees and migrants.

Places of Sanctuary Ireland is part of the wider City of Sanctuary network which began in Sheffield in 2005 with a vision for making cities places that had a culture of welcome and inclusion, especially for those seeking sanctuary. We have seen that these newcomers have a huge amount to offer Irish society.  We want to ensure that their voices are heard and their skills and talents are given opportunity to flourish for their good and that of Irish society as a whole. 


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