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Bridging Divides through Sanctuary Ambassador Training

Bridging Divides through Sanctuary Ambassador Training

On 26th August 2023, Dublin’s Chester Beatty Library hummed with purpose. People from different corners of life gathered as part of Places of Sanctuary Ireland. These were the Sanctuary Ambassadors, 30 of them from 13 counties of Ireland, a diverse group united by a single goal—to foster unity among migrant, refugee, and local communities.

Sanctuary Ambassadors from different counties chatting and making connections with each other

Experienced Sanctuary Ambassadors stepped up, sharing their personal stories of the impoact they have had in schools and other community and national settings. Their tales were like bridges, connecting struggles with triumphs through advocacy. These stories echoed unity, empathy, and the power of connection.

Mavis Ramazani shared her experience representing Ireland at the United Nations, showing how local efforts can create global waves of change.

Former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Hazel Chu, was our keynote speaker. She stressed the importance of migrant engagement in civic processes,encouraing ambassadors to consider standing as electoral candidates and the potential for our voices to make a difference. Everyone was deeply inspired by Councillor Hazel’s inspiring input. she also promised  to arrange a visit for Sanctuary Ambassadors to Leinster House, and opportunity for us to bring our voices to the highest level.

Cllr. Hazel Chu speaking to the Sanctuary Ambassadors

As the event ended, a renewed energy filled the room. Sanctuary Ambassadors left, carrying the flame of compassion ignited that day. Their stories and commitments planted seeds for a more inclusive Ireland.

Mohammad Achour a Sanctuary Ambassador originally from Syria sharing about Sanctuary in Nature and Heritage

Sanctuary Ambassadors posing for a picture with Cllr. Hazel Chu

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