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Supporting those Affected by War in Ukraine

Supporting those Affected by War in Ukraine
As Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on and thousands of people are forced from their homes, it’s easy to feel powerless, but there are ways we can all stand in solidarity with Ukraine and make a difference to those who have had to leave everything behind. We can also prepare for new arrivals in our schools, colleges, and communities.
For updated information please keep an eye on the website of our friends at the Irish Refugee Council.
Irish Refugee Council is also keeping a register of people who are offering homes or rooms for Ukrainian refugees, which you will find on the same page.
Many schools, universities, and sanctuary groups are working with local-based initiatives to organize for funds and goods to be sent to refugees in Poland and elsewhere.
Teachers and parents can check our article on the Schools of Sanctuary website for ways we can speak to children about current events.
This is a time for us to find ways of practicing kindness, compassion, and understanding. Let us continue to show support to all refugees, remembering that in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and many other places, there are still heartbreaking and dangerous situations causing thousands to flee. It is heartening to see so many people across all stratas of our society stand up for the people of Ukraine, but your race or skin colour should never determine what support you receive. Politicians and pundits have described Ukrainian people as “civilised refugees”, commenting on how “like us” they are. This is racist and despicable. There is no such thing as an “uncivilized refugee”, just people looking for safety, compassion and understanding. We must all remind each other that being anti-war today, includes supporting refugees tomorrow. If you feel for the plight of Ukrianian families, you will also understand the plight of families forced to flee their homes in Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and so many other countries.
As time goes on we will be posting updates and additional support for refugees, schools and communities.

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