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Churches of Sanctuary Webimar

A fantastic webimar took place on 10/11/2020 on the theme of Churches of Sanctuary with participation of the inspiring Inderjit Bhogal, the founder of City of Sanctuary, who inspired everyone with his vision and beautiful heart.

He spoke about the idea of Sanctuary in general, providing refuge and protection to anyone from any faith or culture. He particularly spoke about Churches of Sanctuary in the Ireland and he also spoke about the roots of Sanctuary in the very rich Irish history, tradition and identity that has existed for centuries. He offered his gratitude to everyone involved in Ireland who are promoting sanctuary concept in schools, cities, libraries, churches and all other places.

He emphasied that the Churches are places of welcome, safety, refuge and protection. He spoke of his experience when he was 15 when walked in to a Church and was welcomed and that led him to be now serving for 40 years in the Church ministry. He stated sanctuary in churches are not only for Christian believers but  for everyone from all faiths.

Other speakers included Abigail Sines and Ellie Kisyombe who spoke about the great initiatives of sanctuary which the Christchurch Cathedral have provided for international  protection applicants through Our Table Project run inside the Christchurch Cathedral in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

The event was concluded with thanks and  prayer by Rev. Inderjit Bhogal for the sanctuary for all of us, humanity, love, and compassion.

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